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Shotgun Revolution
The Legacy of Childhood Dreams
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 16 April, 2012
Playing time: 38:45

The Danish rockers in Shotgun Revolution could likewise be a rock 'n' roll band from the southern states of America. It sounds very North American and they are probably a better live act than a studio band, because they have exact the rock 'n' roll attitude, which fits the live scenes. Groovy choruses, great guitar playing and with the mega vocalist Ditlev Ulriksen, who has the exact right rawness in the throat. It is hard to believe that this is only the second full-length album from Shotgun Revolution, because it sounds fat, thick and have a charming swing and the heavy blues guitar riffs are overwhelming.

In 2010 did the debut ' Join the Revolution' hit the markets with following live-gigs mostly in Denmark and Sweden and with this album in the backpack a long summer tour should be obvious. Great melodies, splendid guitars and a vocalist in top class, I'm having a hard time to find anything to criticize, but the only fly in the soup are the 2 songs in the middle that are too ordinary and pale and have some difficulties to stand on their own. The barrage of songs available to enjoy otherwise and which are buried deep in the concrete of strength and makes life as a music critic great are tracks lie 'Just Gettin' High", "Hustled and Played", "No Good Bastard", "Give Me More", "Backstabber" and "Blessed My Child". The mix of faster (almost metal) tracks and the well balanced rock ballads is overall a bag of candy that must appeal to many hard rock fans. Extra credits for the blazing bonus track "Super Blond Babe"...

Denmark's rock scene is growing from Gasolin, D-A-D, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Royal Hunt, Pretty Maids with bands as Malrun, Volbeat, Saint Rebel, Wuthering Heights, Hatesphere and so on. Now is Shotgun Revolution also on this map and with their barbeque taste of rock I will surely enjoy this album for quite some time.

Shotgun Revolution lineup: Ditlev Ulriksen (vocals), Martin Frank (guitar), Henrik Berger (guitar), Michael V. Carlsen (bass) and Kasper Lund (drums).

01. Hustled and Played
02. Driving Without Brakes

03. Just Gettin' High

04. No Good Bastards

05. Give Me More

06. The Legacy of Childhood Dreams
07. Too Much Reality
08. Run Daddy Run

09. Backstabber

10. Blessed Be My Child

11. Super Blonde Babe (Bonus Track)
Label: Target Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 86/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 3 April, 2012
Website: www.shotgunrevolution.com