Power of Metal.dk Review

Live Black Jazz
Style: Extreme Jazz Metal
Release date: 16 November, 2011
Playing time: 61:00 (CD) & 97:00 (DVD)

The album title will give you enough information not to mix up Shining, Norwegian "black jazz" metal band per definition, from the Swedish homonymous avant-garde metal band.

Live Blackjazz is a nice piece of shiny metal ass I tell you, a retrospective and long awaited live version of the band's achievements since Where the ragged People go, their debut in 2001. The fans will probably already have got hold on this album coupled by a live DVD and will be able to tell you that the new Devil's instrument is the saxophone.

After listening to this album for a while I now wanted to share my enthusiasm with you; no matter how hard I try to listen to other releases, it just doesn't fade a bit, but grows and grows; what an album, what a band! The traditional jazz instrument and sick guitar sounds, the raw energy and sick raging vocals combine to one of the best metal you can find these days.

Either you are extreme metal addicted, into industrial or all types of new sounds, or generally musicophile, you are most likely to be compelled by this savant hybrid Live Blackjazz and by the whole discography of Shining itself.

01. Fisheye
02. The Madness And The Damage Done
03. In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster
04. The Red Room
05. Goretex Weather Report
06. Winterreise
07. Exit Sun
08. Healter Skelter
09. 21st Century Schizoid Man

01. The Madness And The Damage Done
02. Fisheye
03. In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster
04. The Red Room
05. Omen
06. Goretex Weather Report
07. Winterreise
08. Exit Sun
09. Healter Skelter
10. 21st Century Schizoid Man
Label: Indie Recordings
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 6 July, 2012
Website: www.shining.no