Power of Metal.dk Review

Scum of the Earth
The Devil Made Me Do It
Style: Alternative Metal
Release date: 26 November, 2012
Playing time: 32:29

This is a project of the ex-guitar player of ROB ZOMBIE - Mike Riggs. This is almost everything that could be said about SCUM OF THE EARTH! Or perhaps not… it’s obvious that Mr. Riggs wanted to emphasize his contribution to the creative works of ROB ZOMBIE. The characteristic sound of the guitars is exactly in this style. Besides this “The Devil Made Me Do It” is a contemporary demonstration of the statement that the alternative metal as being a wet rag for all the times is able to dust various rubbish. So here you can hear dubstep! Some of the composition easily could fit an album MARILYN MANSON.

Indeed, this album is achieves this feeling of apocalypse, which hovers above the works of WHITE ZOMBIE and MARILYN MANSON. You can find a reflection of the attitude for values decay, which can be reproduced only by lack of proper recourses of expression! Maybe you should be American to feel this music?

The album ends with a funeral march - this is a composition-cliché for the metal. The interpretation is exactly in the style of this half an hour musical experience. And as if it crowns everything its creator wanted to say.

For me as a metal and rock fan, it is stressing how quickly the most modern things begin to become retro… This frank but difficult album does not express anything; from this you may need to scream on the street. It reflects an already passed moment of time. The system swallowed chaos. And the chaos is already resistance. “The Devil Made Me Do It” is an interesting album, from a historical point of view only.

01.  Born Again Masochist
02.  Via Dela Rosa
03.  Zombies -vs- Skeletons
04.  The Devil Made Me Do It III
05.  Zombie Apocalypse
06.  Sounds of the Dead 
07.  Pray
08.  (Mindless) Dead Things
09.  Ghost
10.  Funeral March
Label: Goomba Music/SPV
Distribution: Playground Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 16 November, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/scumoftheearth