Power of Metal.dk Review

Savage Messiah
Plaque of Conscience
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 28 February, 2012
Playing time: 53:13

The third album of SAVAGE MESSIAH will definitely surprise the fans of the band. The aggressive sound in “Plaque Of Conscience” is in retreat. The deep traditions of the NWOBHM (even of the British rock) melt with the late works of bands which turned their back to thrash metal. In the biography of the band appear typical English traditions …


The leader of the band Dave Silver (vocals, guitars) again has changed part of the line up. Even the current members are different from these which recorded the album. Silver’s composer’s talent is the face of the band but the frequent changes of the band members make the definite releases in rather particular styles. The aspiration for including thrash approaches in the classic heavy metal dates back to the times when Silver composes for HEADLESS CROSS. In fact the first album of SAVAGE MESSIAH (2007) includes also songs from the last demo of HEADLESS CROSS (2006). With their second album the Englishmen declare straight thrash direction with some modern American influences. We cannot ignore the fact that the band is with a new label but this time this is Earache Records which at the moment are mentors of the reborn thrash metal. But SAVAGE MESSIAH surprisingly turn to the roots.


Although the heavy guitars in the start the first track enters in melodies typical for the early proto-thrash bands in England as SATAN and BLITZKRIEG. In the next two songs the vocals are in such a way that the music sounds like the albums of ANGEL DUST after their reforming – 1998, 1999. This is power metal with emphasized melodic choruses and virtuoso fast solos. After the third track it seems that the band finds its own face but the music is even softer – served with an aristocratic reticence. The characteristic English harmonies carry associations even with MERILLION and GENESIS. And yes, here presents a feeling of prog. The riff bursts remind of the pioneer aggression of ATOMKRAFT and TALION but in the framework of the classic heavy metal.


Dave’s voice offers us progressive metal singing but also and a hoarse approach which is organically connected to the NWOBHM. Each song presents the whole palette of these techniques. Although that the leader of SAVAGE MESSIAH frequently works with musicians from different countries and although the lack of straightforwardness in the releases he manages to keep the British sound of the band. Here is the tradition of the hard rock, and the memory of JUDAS PRIEST. In the final 8 minutes long composition “The Mask Of Anarchy” in a progressive approach is melted everything the band is capable to show.

Till now SAVAGE MESSIAH follow the steps of plenty English trash metal bands: a remarkable debut, a strong second album, an experimental third album. With a strong label behind them… we hope that 2012 will be a beginning of new upward trend for the guys.


“Plaque Of Conscience” sets NWOBHM in the contemporary sound. It will be a delight for the fans of classic heavy metal and it is also an achievement in the metal as a whole because accumulates tradition and modern sound in itself. The fans who expected a continuation of “Insurrection Rising” (2009) will be disappointed. Give a listen to the new album of SAVAGE MESSIAH – it will bring you a real delight!


01. Plague Of Conscience
02. Six Feet Under The Gun
03. Carnival Of Souls
04. In Thought Alone
05. All Seeing I
06. Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt
07. Architects Of Fear
08. The Accuser
09. Shadowbound
10. The Mask Of Anarchy

Label: Earache Records
Distribution: Earache Records
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 11 March, 2012