Metal Possession
Style: Blackened thrash
Release date: 24 December (!), 2011
Playing time: 58:53

If nothing else, then at least one thing I have in common with this Italian band: A deep respect for the long defunct British thrash band Acid Reign. By inviting (and convincing) H from one of my all-time favourite British bands to take part in the making of a sequel to the classic track Motherly Love (from 'Moshkenstein') , Satanika score a shitload of old-school points in my little book of metal!

H's contribution is a welcome relief after the first twelve songs which suffer under the minimal variation of the vocal performance by Cristian Renzi (Pervertor). Pervertor moves in the grey zone between thrash and black metal, something which in my ears becomes a tad strenuous after a while.

Equally strenuous is the production quality of the majority of the album. Especially the drums sound exactly the way many thrash drum productions sounded when I started listening to metal...and it's not a good thing in this day and age!

A shame about the sound, really, because there's some really fine riffing in some instances. Just take a song like Hidden in the Deep which is a way cool and hard as bones tune.

The band promises those they despise to die into [sic] the fire, and I've probably just written myself into that category of unfortunate souls, but, there you go, that's an occupational hazard I have to accept.

01. Nuclear Grave
02. Death Invokator
03. Rats from Hell
04. Deep Red
05. Metal Madness
06. Mother of the Sepulchres
07. March of the Undead
08. The Arms of Death
09. You Are the Victim
10. Unholy Storm of Chaos and Destruction
11. Hidden in the Deep
12. Not Dead Yet
13. A mother's Love (ft. Howard Smith)
14. In the Moment (ft. Howard Smith)
15. Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Metalucifer Cover)
Label: Iron Shield
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 19 January, 2012