Style: Blackend Death Thrash
Release date: 2012
Playing time: 44:25

Phew, what to say? A thrash album with heavy black and death influences arrives in the post from Italy - and it's the second time this year, I review the same band. Like many Italian outfits, Satanika certainly have the fire and enthusiasm for metal. This band also has a host of guest musicians, ranging from Bobby Gustafson (yeah, THAT Bobby Gustafson!) to Lethal Harry from Darkane, which of course is very nice and adds a bit of street cred.

For fans of late eighties underground thrash, I reckon 'Infection' is a good bet for the album of the month. To be honest, I'm less enthusiastic.

Although there are marvelous riffs scattered all over this release, the quality is just not consistent. In other words, there are fillers and parts which don't cut it - the worst example probably being the clichéed Kreator clone song Into The Fire.

Intentions are good, but Satanika don't quite make it through the needle eye.

01. Infection (05:19)
02. Satanik Overkill (04:54)
03. Abduction (03:34)
04. Metal Depravation (03:25)
05. Toxic Parasites (04:30)
06. Horrorcult (02:37)
07. The Sodomizer (03:39)
08. Apocalyptic Terror (04:21)
09. Into The Fire (05:01)
10. Violent Death (04:29)
11. Psycho Slut (03:57)
Label: Iron Shield Records
Promotion: Iron Shield Records
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 28 October, 2012
Website: Satanika @facebook