Sad Dolls
Happy Deathday
Style: Gothic Electro Metal
Release date: 20 January, 2012
Playing time: 54:15

If I'm correctly informed this 'Happy Deathday' is the band's second full length. Nice thought out title by the way! They hail from Greece and they play a style that is a combination of HIM and a little piece of Paradise Lost. Besides that they add some electro elements to their music and at times a sporadic aggressive more growling voice. For the biggest part the vocals are clean and sound a bit like the ones you are used to hear from the band HIM and they do have a little Peter Steele over them as well.

In the info they describe their style as follows: "Killswitch Engage playing HIM's Razorblade Romance Album". I don't agree with that, the HIM factor I agree on, but to compare it with Killswitch Engage is not what I hear. They are too soft for that; I think they want to tell us that they sound a bit heavier than HIM at times. Personally I don't think that fans of Killswitch will like this album. Fans of HIM however will like this for certain.

The last 2 songs are bonus tracks and are not worse than the other songs on the album. You have to like this style of music to appreciate this album. If so, it is certainly something you should give a chance.


01. Happy Deathday Dear
02. Killing Sorrow
03. Bloodred
04. Be Darkness
05. Criminal of Love
06. The Drug
07. Psychedelic Love
08. Dying On the Dancefloor
09. Amanda Blood
10. Embrace the Dark
11. Coma Song                                                 12. Watch Me Crawl Behind                                13. Bloodred

Label: Lunatic Asylum Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 10 February, 2012