Turning Maybes Into Reality
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal
Release date: 27 February 2012
Playing time: 76:15

Giammi Giuliani - Lead Vocals, Diego Minach - Guitars, vocals, Paolo Minach - Bass, and Giovanni Tani - Drums, is the lineup in Rhope. Bakerteam Records has signed a deal with these guys and releases the debut album "Turning Maybes Into Reality". As you understand by their names, the band is NOT from any of the Nordic countries, as you might have thought: Italy is the homeland and Rhope give us a full length album with great mixture of Heavy Metal songs in various tempos and in different level of aggression on the vocal front.

All tracks are over 5 minutes long and the songs are overall well constructed and tight produced. The singing performance from Giammi is a mixture of some distorted vocals and growl singing. Satisfying for me is that the fat guitar riffs are heavy as a ton of Italian marble through the whole album. In the first listening of TMIR my mind was not sure how to recieve this piece of art and I had to give it several spins before I could judge it proporly and give it a rating.

My decision: This is nothing orginal or innovative on Rhope's debut album, but it demands quite a lot of the reciever and the technical level on both the instrumentals and the vocals is sky high. The production is perfect with a mega tight and a massive wall of sound that requires a request that makes you yearn for more. Rhope is advisable for fans of: In Flames, Korn, Dark Tranquillity etc.

01. Slaves
02. Into The Box
03. Parallel
04. False Needs
05. Lust
06. Your Peace
07. Comedown
08. Truth Lies
09. Extinction Is Forever
10. Entropy Of Brain
11. Cut The Pressure
Label: Bakerteam Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 2 February 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/rhopeband