Power of Metal.dk Review

Civic Nightmares
Style: Thrash-Core
Release date: 30 March, 2012
Playing time: 49:07

The Germans needed a little bit more than a year to hammer their sophomore album down. Although there are no changes in the line-up, there are dynamic changes in the music of REZET.

In the presentation of the band it states that they are melting the definitions for old-school and 21st century thrash metal. This seemingly contradiction comes from the different elements of their music. On their first album the contradiction was between their DESTRUCTION influenced early songs and their influences from the melodic core. The new album is torn by grown up hardcore quotes and a primary punk thrash approach.

The pleasant acoustic introduction to the opening track speaks about the better skills in the guitar work. Immediately the things go into a modern direction and make the music diverse like in the most renegade songs of MEGADETH (Risk - 1999). After that we hear a punk-thrash track. I remember that the guys promised to include two re-recorded songs from their demos on this album, but the second track is not from them even with its primary sound. After that the things are flowing towards core rhythms. The drums become too monotone because they are focusing on the modern rhythms, which are typical not only for the hardcore but also for the reggae… and other pseudo-intellectual efforts. The mood pretends to be modern, but it reminds a lot for “the white” period of ANTHRAX. This is somewhat retro-modern option. The high hoarse vocals and the good riffs do not compensate for the hip hop drums.

The more melodic and classic metal influences lead us to the re-recorded old tracks (8th and 9th songs). “Rezet to Zero” again is a punk-thrash. “Black Convent” is a more conventional song spoiled with pan-arranged influences. The anarchistic work with influences and the sound itself remind of RUMBLE MILITIA. A serious 7-minutes long composition in thrash manner (Finally!) ends the album and makes good impression.

The grown up modern approach does not contributed to the own style of the band. It did not make the sound of REZET contemporary at all. The solved problem with the solos is replaced with a problem with the rhythm of the drums. I guess that the dynamic development of the band will suppress this as well. Till then old-school or 21st century thrash will remain as a question.


01. The Quest
02. Combat Shock
03. Out For Blood
04. Charity (The Preacher)
05. Full Throttle
06. Visions From Beyond
07. Gargantua
08. Rezet To Zero
09. Black Convent
10. The Terror Strikes Back

Label: Twilight Vertrieb
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 23 July, 2012