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Revolution Within
Straight from Within
Style: Thrash Metal / Extreme core
Release date: 24 September, 2012
Playing time: 41:53

From the underground of Portugal, an extreme scene breathes. Rastiljo Records and REVOLUTION WITHIN are parts of this tectonics charged with a powerful radical load and rich inventions.

The second album of this quintet is a continuation of their debut work „Collision” (2009). The songs are fast with plenty provisional thrash riffs, almost death metal drums and maximum of extreme vocals. The vocalist Rui implemented great passion in his performance, but the total extremism makes his singing faceless while making it close to the death-core. This strongly influence on the whole style of REVOLUTION WITHIN and they begin to look like some modern bands, whose names we easily forget because they are long and because their music is cliché.  

Their Death-Trash seeking is commensurate with ABRAXAS for instance. With some efforts you can hear that the riffs of the band have their own handwriting and are a good basis for the creation of a good album. The production itself of the Portuguese leads them blindly toward the heavy sound. It follows the vocal idea in the direction of death-core that mutes the other virtues of the band. The fast drums become sterile and well-arranged in a good order, and the noisy sound is an obstacle for you to appreciated the good guitar playing. A similar production has destroyed the whole early French thrash scene!

There is a great energy in these Portuguese musicians. The accumulating of this charge has already burst out. But to hear the echo of this accelerated wave on a world wide scale the burst should be controlled! The scattered aggression of REVOLUTION WITHIN is still as a regional conflagration.



Disappearance (Intro)


Pure Hate


Without Recognition


Straight from Within


Pull the Trigger


Revenge Now






Only the Stronger Will Survive


Unleash the Anger


Anger Mode: On

Label: Rastiljo Records
Distribution: Viral Propaganda PR
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 17 November, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/revolutionwithinpt