Fortifications of the Pale Architect
Style: Doom Metal
Release date: May 2012
Playing time: 39:50

Two years after 'Summon the Stone Throwers' this 2-piece band releases their second full-length. J.H. Halberd is responsible for all the instruments except the drums, they are filled in by Czar.

Like on their first album they serve us old fashioned sounding heavy/doom music in the style of Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. In several songs the Thin Lizzy influences shine through as well. I think that people who still are into bands like the ones I mentioned above will like this Realmbuilder, but somehow I get the idea that the younger metal dudes can't do anything with it. To me it starts to get boring after a while, the music is too average and a lot more of the same. Add the rather boring vocals of Halberd to it and I loose my interest.

Nevertheless, if you are into this, there isn't so much to bitch about, but despite the fact that I get older too, I don't get really exited about this rather ancient sounding music.


01. Highwayman
02. Fortifications of the Pale Architect
03. Old Savage
04. Ascend to the Glass Kingdom
05. Iron Wheel of the Siege Machines
06. A Conflict Between Dukes
07. The Stars Disappeared From the Sky
   When We Uncovered the Bones of the First Gods

Label: I Hate Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 13 June, 2012