Power of Metal.dk Review

Prime Evil
Style: Proto Black Metal
Release date: 15 July, 2012
Playing time: 08:23

Mike Usifer (g.) and Andy Eichhorn (v.) revive the existing from 1986 PRIME EVIL. The homonymous song and demo from 1987 date before VENOM to use this title, but the seeking of the band from New York is exactly in this direction. They still have no full-length debut!

The three songs EP „Evilution“ presents the band as a noisy VENOM. The frequent problems with the line up of the quintet from its reunion in 2010 'till now brought in the band the other guitar player - founder of the band Gary Day. It seems that this will make true the wish of Inferno Records to release the debut album of PRIME EVIL.

The last four albums in the discography of VENOM are in similar direction. Aggressive proto-black guitars, drum cannonade, deep hoarse voice from the Inferno and a deep bass – these are the distinctive features of the EP. More aggressive, noisier and faster than in their old demos the Americans PRIME EVIL are here again.

01. Crucifixion Aftermath
Barbarick Rites
Evilution Decree


Label: Inferno Records
Distribution: Inferno Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 16 November, 2012
Website: www.primeevil.net