Predatory Violence
Marked For Death
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 29 June, 2012
Playing time: 48:35

'Hate Nation' was the debut album of this German thrash band. According to the info this new album is an obvious follow up. The music on this second album is brutal, riff based, rather mid-tempo and A. Machine has an aggressive harsh voice. So far nothing wrong, but I am not impressed.

The guitar riffs in the several tracks are too tedious and after a while the 'sounding like a chainsaw' riffs get boring. Another part that irritates me after a while is the drums. They sound tight, but too mechanical and dull. I am sure that the audience will get excited during a live performance, but on a CD it gets boring. The riffs differ too little, in almost every song it sounds the same.

In the info they state that this album is for fans of Kreator, Machine Head and Legion of the Damned. I doubt that, because the band doesn't sound like any of them. O.k., it all sounds very brutal, but there are a lot other bands that are brutal also. The variety in a song like "Pillage and Plunder", the up-tempo parts in "All This Hate in Me" and the fast track "Kickin 'Ass" see to it that I keep listening until the CD is finished.

An album that will disappear in my collection and I doubt it if I will ever listen to it again. There are too many better and much more interesting thrash albums I rather spend my precious time on.


01. Predatory Violence
02. Marked for Death
03. Mercy Shot
04. Pillage and Plunder
05. Puppet on a String
06. Parental Love
07. All This Hate in Me
08. Always on the Prowl
09. Kickin' Ass
10. Devotion

Label: Killer Metal Records
Distribution: Killer Metal Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 9 July, 2012