Phobos Corp
Style: Symphonic metal
Release date: 1 June, 2012
Playing time: 16:21

Phobos Corp is a Symphonic metal project lead by Spyros Papadakis. He wrote all the songs and plays the keys on this EP. For the other instruments he has recruited Chris Sutherland (drums), Mark Jones (guitar and bass) and Tara (vocals). The songs have orchestral parts and Tara has a very warm and clear sound. Not the typical opera-like vocals but more in the style of Anneke van Giersbergen/Sharon den Adel.

There are kind of Epica sounding parts like in the song "Conceived Fate", but without the grunts and a little less heavy. The tracks are all very well arranged and especially the orchestral pieces add something special. Luckily the second song has quite some tempo and the music has enough heavy parts not to sound too soft and wimpy.

A project with a lot of potential and certainly worth checking out for all the symphonic metal fans.


01. One Eternal (Felicity's Song)
02. Conceived Fate
03. This Divine Tragedy
04. Angels In Despair (Instr)


Label: Independent
Promotion: Metal Revelation
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 15 May, 2012