Perzonal War
Captive Breeding
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 29 June, 2012
Playing time: 55:48

In my collection I have their 2004 album 'Faces' and I haven't  played it for a while, but I still remember that at that time I enjoyed it. Their 2008 album 'Bloodline' was a good album too. The band has grown in the years, but the style hasn't change a lot. The Bay Area Influences are still there and this new album is again full off aggressive thrash, but with a lot of melody. The riffs are heavy and the soli are rather original. Every now and then there are some very clear influences.

The track "Lost" has Pantera riffs and the song "Cocoon" has a piece with riffs that sound like Metallica, but then just a little different. Matthias Zimmers's vocals are a kind of mix of Rage shouter Peavy and James Hetfield. Towards the end of the record there are two more modern tracks; "The End" sounds like a mix of Fear Factory and Rage and "Candor Hurts" is a more reserved and lingering track with clean vocals. The last track however is again a very fast song with staccato riffs and intense ash tight drumming.

The Bay Area comparison lays on top. This is an album that can and will be liked I guess by fans of the melodic Bay Area stuff and the heavier stuff of the band Rage.


01. Regression of the Art
02. Tongues of Cleavage
03. Dead Man's Theories
04. Incarnation
05. The Cocoon
06. The Last Day
07. Lost
08. Unfailing System
09. Tearing the Old
10. Termination
11. The End
12. Candor Hurts
13. My Fate

Label: Metalville Records
Distribution: Rough Trade
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 29 June, 2012