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Place Called Rage
Place Called Rage
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 24 August, 2012
Playing time: 60:05

Way back in 1995 4 guys wrote and record an album at Millbrook Studio NY in just one week. The album only went to the Japanese market just before the grunge era destroyed the 80's rock genre and the members went on to other projects. This is the release of Place Called Rage's debut album, only 17 years too late. It's remarkable that Place Called Rage has been held away from us all those years!

Smoky bars, American flags, raspy, hoarse vocals with catchy homegrown American honey roasted blues rock is what my mind's eye responds to, when I listen to Place Called Rage's disc over and over this summer...

Very similar in sound with bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith and a touch of Lenny Kravitz leave a mature rock feeling that has its personality based on frontman/singer Tommy Farese. Small elements of steel guitar, piano and Maracas gives a thicker sound that actually is unusual from this era. With the super talented Al Pitrelli on the guitar, it's a joy to listen to this hidden golden album.

The funky, groovy elements are healthy and will generate some extra bonus points on the scoreboard, otherwise it's a solid sound picture of good old fashioned rock 'n' roll, which Place Called Rage delivers. A fat bass and rhythm section creates a pleasant platform. Almost exact one hour of pure rock 'n' roll is served and it's easy to lick it in! A tasteful and well spiced dinner of sound.

The path for the members after the recording is interesting; Tommy left for Trans Siberian Orchestra and has worked with Bobby & Teddy Rondinelli. Al Pitrelli on guitar also joined Trans Siberian Orchestra and has worked with Alice Cooper, Megadeath, Asia and Savatage, Danny Miranda on bass joined BOC, Queen with Paul Rodgers and Chuck Bonfonte on drums has worked with many NY band. I wish that they put their bags together again to make a sequel to this little gold bar.

The tracklist is full of high quality songs and the blend of harder rock songs and calmer ballad tunes make this album into one of my favourites this month! Timeless rock music; this disc is strongly recommend to have in your CD collection!

01. I Know Where You Been
Place Called Rage
Take It Lying Down
One Child
What These Eyes Have Seen
Can't Find My Way Home
Jenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
We're Not Coming Home
12. Chained To A Maniac
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Artwork rating: 77/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 10 August, 2012
Website: www.tommyfarese.com