Power of Metal.dk Review

Don't Forget the Roll
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: April 2012
Playing time: 48:26

AC/DC cover band that release their own albums seems to be a trend at the moment and this time it's the italian rockers in On-Off that releases a disc filled with basic boogie rock with flavours and spices from the Australian giants. They do already have a debut album from 2010 out, named 'Ribcrasher' in their history-book.

I can't really find enought top tracks on 'Don't Forget the Roll' to convince me that this is the right way for them to drive. Most of the songs is quite OK, but without any peaks. Solid craftmanship and some catchy melodies put together makes this an easy-to-like album.

The guitar has the right 'Angus sound' and the blues riffs are there, but the heavy groove isn't present. The intro song 'Another Bone to Suck', 'Money Makes Money', 'That's What I Call Rock 'n 'Roll' and 'Catch the Bunny' are the best tracks on the album. Overall I get an mediocre impression, but with some small gems in the box. I've heard worse, but they have a journey ahead of them, if they want to reach the top level in the genre.

If you are interested or a fan of basic, straight forward, blues based hard rock performed without any aims to play technical or so, this maybe be something for you to check out.

With many years as a touring coverband in the backpack, this kind of bands usually is a blast to see live.

01. Another Bone to Suck
That's What I Call Rock 'n 'Roll
Catch The Bunny
Money Makes Money
Turn Off My Brain Control
On The Railroad
Don't Put Your Finger
She Drank All My Booze
Let's Play the Fools
Every Stone Got to Roll Someday
1. The Last On The List
Label: Buil2Kill Records
Distribution: www.on-offband.com
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 15 August, 2012
Website: www.on-offband.com