No Sign of Life
Embrace Your Demons
Style: Hardcore based modern Metal
Release date: 3 December, 2012
Playing time: 39:53

This is the second album from this Finnish metal band. During the recordings of the album both guitar players left the band. At the moment they are a three-piece; Elmiri Ström on drums, Jusso Timonen on bass and Antti Ström is responsible for the vocals.

Normally the info sheet already gives you an idea what kind of style the band plays. This time they are not giving anything away about their musical influences. Could it be they want us to believe that they are original? Well, maybe I can help you out to get an idea what to expect. The band mixes several styles with aggressive hardcore singing and clean vocals.

The first track is a rather groovy and progressive sounding track with clean singing and aggressive hardcore shouting. Next track "Walls Melt Down" sounds like hardcore combined with Fatih No More clean singing parts. "Nothing to Say" is an angry groovy track in the vain of Pro-Pain. Melodic guitars open the next track, in which I again hear some Faith No More. The title track is an acoustic guitar song, which doesn't add something to this album in my opinion. Most impressive track is "The Wounds of Nature, in this track the band combines melodic death influences with Pain of Salvation melodies.

The lot of the tracks is very groovy, but the style changes in the songs are sometimes a little bit unnatural. After more spins, the songs sound more logical. A mix of different styles, sometimes sounding a little forced, but with enough good ideas to give them the benefit of the doubt. A progressive modern mix of groovy hardcore, modern metal and melodic death.

Pro-Pain meets Faith No More, Pain of Salvation, Deftones, In Flames and Madball....or something like that.


01. Ghost
02. Walls Melt Down
03. Nothing to Say
04. Enemies of Choice
05. Behind the Scenes
06. SymPathetic
07. Embrace Your Demons
08. Meaning of Life
09. The Wounds of Nature
10. Light at the End of the Tunnel

Label: Mighty Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 1 December, 2012