New Eden
Solving For X
Style: U.S. Power Metal
Release date: 30 March, 2012
Playing time: 47:23

New Eden was founded by Steel Prophet guitarist Haracio Colmenares back in 1993 and this is their fourth release. On every album there has been a different vocalist and after James Rivera, Rick Mythiasin and Michael Grant the band has recruited Rod Arias. I am not completely convinced and happy with Rod's singing capacity. He isn't really bad, but sometimes he sounds a bit too forced.

In my collection I found their 1999 album 'Obscure Master Plan' and that one sounds different from the new stuff. That album was more US power metal and better songs, on this album the band introduces some European power metal influences too. Besides the European power metal influences, there are a few more thrash sounding parts too. Especially the track "Unsolved Aggressions" sounds very heavy and on that track Rod uses a more aggressive singing style. Track number eleven is the song that differs the most from the rest. It's a soft and more 70's sounding prog song, it is a semi-accoustic version of the song "The Not Self", Horacio Colmenares takes care of the vocals on this track. 

All in all the album isn't bad and the guitar riffs are very heavy, but it is just a little bit too regular and average. The tempo of a few songs is rather high, sometimes leaning towards speed-metal. Another problem I have is that after listening to the entire album there are no songs that keep hanging around in my head. If you dig bands like Helstar and Agent Steel, you can take a closer listen to this album and perhaps you come to the conclusion that this is something for you.


01. Anthem of Hate
02. Flames For Hades
03. Brainless
04. The Not Self
05. Unsolved Aggressions
06. Life Not Death
07. Searching the Loss
08. Crawling Erect
09. Infecting the Lie
10. Watcher
11. Three Words

Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Pure Steel Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 30 March, 2012