The Grace of Oxymoron
Style: Unlimited Metal
Release date: 22 June, 2012
Playing time: 43:35

Yet another Italian Rhapsody clone hailing from the Italian soil? No, certainly not. These Italians play a potpourri of many different styles within the metal genre. Orchestration, progressive, riff oriented, complex, technical, electronic sounds, grunts, opera-like singing, piano and majestic keyboards, are all keywords for this album.

Throughout the album all these elements can be heard. I have to say that they have succeed for the biggest part in that without becoming a musical mess. Sometimes it sounds a bit forced, but they get away with it most of the times. I can imagine that for a lot of metal fans there are too many different things going on and it is not easy to say, which type of metal fan will like this album. You have to be open-minded to like the variation that's for sure.

In the biography you can read that their main influences come from bands such as: Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Nevermore, Rammstein, Evergrey, Lamb of God, Moonspell and My Dying Bride.... This might give you an idea of what to expect, but because the mentioned bands are so different, it doesn't say a lot either. By the same token you can fill in 10 other bands as well. One band I would mention too for influences is early Crematory, especially because of the leading keyboard parts.

I think I made it clear to you that the style is very diverse, but how is the musical performance? Well, I am not so fond of the singer, his clean vocals are not that good and the occassional grunts are average. The production of the album could have been better too, but that isn't a problem. The other musicians know how to handle their instruments and do a nice job. This is an album that needs a lot of time to get used to and even after quite a few spins I don't really know what to think of it.

Is it good, is it too variable? One thing is sure, it isn't bad, but will the songsl stick in the end? I advice you strongly to listen to a few songs and then make your own conclusion.


01. When a Fallen Arises
02. Hateseed
03. Cryostasis
04. My Dark Babylon
05. The Lighthouse is Crumbled Down
06. Once for All!
07. Mental Misanthropy
08. The Lilium I Loved
09. Litania

Label: Crash & Burn Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 26 August, 2012