Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Black Metal
Release date: 26 March, 2012
Playing time: 44:36

I've never been disappointed by Naglfar since I first heard them sometime around 1996. They were extremely young and had released Vittra the year before. I recall from the interviews that the band members weren't talkative but had strong ideas. Lately, I hadn't heard of them before I got hold on Téras. They had slowly but surely become a faint memory of the good old days of Scandinavian black metal.

The band has right enough taken a creative break of some five years. It is good to hear your inner voice and not force the production of art. What has come of this period of reflection is Téras, a record that transports me right away 15 years back in time. Still raging, still ice cold and fiery at the same time, with accumulated awe, mastery of the genre, of their own style, sound, ways of composing and arranging, in a modernised version of their art.

Now I'm ready for a live show if Naglfar pleases. Or I might just dream about the winter with Téras on the playing list.

Don't think I will have gotten bored of it by then.

01. Téras
02. Pale Horse
03. III: Death Dimension Phantasma
04. The Monolith
05. An Extension of his Arm and Will
06. Bring out your Dead
07. Come Perdition
08. Invoc(H)ate
09. The Dying Flame of Existence
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 6 July, 2012
Website: www.naglfar.net