Municipal Waste
The Fatal Feast
Style: Thrash
Release date: 13 April, 2012
Playing time: 38:06

Yes, yes, I'm aware that this review is way overdue, and I apologise! There's no excuse other than kids, work and all the other trivial stuff a working dad spends his time on.

Over the past few years, Richmond's Municipal Waste have turned into one of the big standard bearers of retro-thrash, or retro-crossover to be more specific. D.R.I, Suicidal Tendencies and Nuclear Assault are still the main references for the four-piece, and 'The Fatal Beast' is indeed a perfected specimen of crossover thrash.

Composition-wise, nothing new is on the agenda, but the execution is flawless (and it that sense sort of conflicts with the original ethos of the genre, but let's leave that for now) and plays on all the right keys. It's like listening to a beefed up version of what I was all about around 1989.

Aggression and up-beat energy dominate this beast of an album, along with a silly space/zombie/beer universe which would make Municipal Waste's German thrash colleagues Tankard proud.

One for a party night, go enjoy!

01. Waste In Space (0:57)
02. Repossession (2:25)
03. New Dead Masters (2:48)
04. Unholy Abductor (1:19)
05. Idiot Check (2:11)
06. Covered In Sick-The Barfer (3:24)
07. You're Cut Off (1:14)
08. Authority Complex (2:22)
09. Standards And Practices (3:01)
10. Crushing Chest Wound (2:30)
11. The Monster With 21 Faces (1:48)
12. Jesus Freaks (2:24)
13. The Fatal Feast (3:09)
14. 12 Step Program (1:35)
15. Death Tax (2:51)
16. Residential Disaster (4:00
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 9 June, 2012