Power of Metal.dk Review

Morbid Saint
Style: Brutal Thrash Metal
Release date: 2012
Playing time: 40:08 + 43:16 + 39:35

In fact this compilation is a rather thorough anthology of the remarkable brutal thrash metalheads MORBID SAINT from Wisconsin. These three CDs indeed are a valuable gain for the old-school fans (having in mind how hard you can find the other releases of the band).

The first CD includes the debut album of the American band - „Spectrum of Death“ (1988). The aggression of the thrash metal sets it as a quality side by side with the debut albums of SLAYER, KREATOR и DEMOLITION HAMMER! The small label and the brutal music turn the release into a valuable rare find. Yet before the end of the last song enters the intro of the bonus tracks – wind from the inferno full of ghost screams. The two new tracks are recorded right after the reunion of MORBID SAINT from 2010 when they should be released in a new re-release. Without breaking the monolith style of the band they are full of anger and achieve the old-school death metal as we know it from POSSESSED and AUTOPSY. Wind from the valley of the dead crowns the bonus tracks in the CD. A “tender” hidden track reminds us the standards from the time of “Jump in the fire”…

In 1992 when the music industry had smashed the extreme genders with the birth of the misapprehension “grunge” MORBID SAINT released their demo „Destruction System“. You can find this title in the second CD from ‘Thrashaholic’. The difference with the demo is that there are 5 additional tracks here. In reference to the organic integrity of the CD we can say that in fact this is the album which the band was ready to release at that time!

With no covering the brutal essence of the band „Destruction System” has more pure riffs. The style could be compared with the heaviest songs of EXODUS and OVERKILL, and the sound is produced like in the albums of OBITUARY and DEATH. Although this fact its essence is thrash metal which foredoomed it to stay demo in the 90es. For me everything speaks about an evolution of the band and for a potential to become a remarkable name on the stage competing with the hesitating at that time SLAYER! But the bad luck interfered again and MORBID SAINT members parted ways in 1994. We remain with the masterwork „Destruction System“. Now we can listen for the first time the wonderful acoustic instrumental „Spectrum of Death II“ which is deprived from the voice of its archetype and which reminds us that the trash metal gave some of the best instrumentalists of the world. 

The third CD is a valuable historical document – a concert DVD of the band dating from 1991. With no significant sound the reel had been filmed with three cameras. We can see a band in his strength! I write “reel” because the quality is identical to the VHS format. The songs in the DVD are 6:3 from them are from the second album – this is a fact proving that the creative process in the band did not die between the two albums. While the DVD is in a raw realistic shape the studio recordings are re-mastered but with no changed concept. The name of the current album demonstrates that the system of values of MORBID SAINT did not change! I sincerely hope that this anthology will become the beginning of a new creative period and I wish to the band a great number of new releases!


Disc 1
01. Lock up Your Children
02. Burned at the Stake
03. Assassin
04. Damien
05. Crying for Death
06. Spectrum of Death
07. Scars

08. Beyond the Gates of Hell

09. Intro
10. Death Before Dawn
11. Thrashaholic
12. Outro

Disc 2
01. Intro
02. Destruction System
03. Darkness Unseen
04. Depth of Sanity
05. Disciples of Discipline
06. Spectrum of Death II
07. Halls of Terror
08. Living Misery
09. Sign of the Times
10. Final Exit
11. Dying Day
12. Life's Blood
13. Outro

Disc 3
01. Destruction System
02. Sign of the Times
03. LivingMisery
04. Halls of Terror
05. Disciples of Discipline
06. Crying for Death
07. Beyond the Gates of Hell
08. Darkness Unseen
09. Damien

Label: Self Released
Distribution: Self Distributed
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 29 October, 2012
Website: www.morbidsaint.com