Power of Metal.dk Review

Metal Scent
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: October 2011
Playing time: 59:56

The heavy metal world is growing and in Israel bands like Metal Scent contributes with something new in the spice rack. Their debut album was released in 2005 and contained Middle Eastern mega hit songs that they rearranged and put into metal versions. "Homemade" is the third album and this is my first contact with Metal Scent and my first reaction when I checked them out on YouTube, was gosh, so cool, amazing and f--k what a great singer they got in the mega talented artist Rami Salmon!!

The big question is if it sounds just as fucking great on the album that they personally has produced at home BTW. The answer is YES, it does. Metal Scent bring us the traditional Heavy Metal as I expected, but they give the tracks a twist with the Middle Eastern spices and rolls it with both progressive turns and exiting loops.

The first tracks is gold pieces with classic melodies that are easy to appreciate and the top class vocals from Rami make 'Homemade' one of the biggest surprises for me this year (so far.) This band is a bargain for the awake European Summer Festivals!

'Coast To Coast' is the favorite track for me with awesome singing and insane guitars from the 2 string benders Dror Yakar and Yaniv Aboundy. On 'Silks of White' drummer Ronnie Zee roars into rock hard slaps in mad pace and my leg bounces to the rhythm... Something to discover for fans of classic Heavy Metal with a touch of progressive parts, awesome vocal and technical musicians. Simply a nice new band to add to the collection.

01. Never Too Late
02. Hold On

03. Men Of War

04. Coast To Coast

05. Silks Of White

06. A Spy In The Sky
07. Inner Light
08. Desires

09. Riders Of The Night

10. All You Want

11. No Other Way

12. The Voice

13. Visions

14. Everybody's Gone

15. Time Has Come
Label: Independent
Distribution: --
Artwork rating: 84/100 (Optional)
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 11 February, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/metalscentband