Style: Math Metal
Release date: 23 March, 2012
Playing time: 54:32

It would have been easy to write a obZen part 2, but that is one thing Meshuggah didn't do. The title Koloss says it all, Meshuggah made a heavy album that sounds different from their earlier work, but it is definitely Meshuggah from start to finish.

Opener "I Am Colussus" starts slow and sounds rather unpolished and raw. The drums sound a little less difficult and the songs have a lot of tempo changes again, but it all sounds a little bit more straight forward. The band has also written real thrash song "The Hurt That Finds You First". Groove is another thing that is introduced by the band. Just listen to the track "Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion" and you know what I mean. The shrill beeping guitar solos like we know them from Meshuggah can still be heard on this album and Jens Kidman shouts everything together in his usual way. The album isn't overproduced like the predecessor, but has a more live sound.

Like all the other albums this one needs a few more spins too, to get used to the songs. But when you take that time, you will agree that although they sound different, they have written a top album in their genre again. A daring step in their career, but a step that will do them no harm at all.


01. I Am Colossus
02. The Demon's Name Is Surveillance
03. Do Not Look Down
04. Behind the Sun
05. The Hurt That Finds You First
06. Marrow
07. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
08. Swarm
09. Demiurge
10. The Last Vigil

Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 22 March, 2012