Power of Metal.dk Review

The Serpent Sermon
Style: Black Metal
Release date: 28 May, 2012
Playing time: 46:22

For a band that has been around for twenty-two years, Marduk has managed to pull themselves a twelfth album that will keep them active for the upcoming years. In their most recent album, Serpent Sermon, they certainly have not lost their appeal in constructing these 11 misanthropic tracks.
The album kicks off with beastly sermons and diabolical grumbles by Mortuus. Chaotic and hellish angst that envelops the ears, truly. Midway through, one can hear the wide-range of his flashy and impressive grunts, which are perhaps even more varied in this when compared to their 2 previous albums, Wormwood and Rom 5:12 - where he also took charge of the vocals. This album proves him to be the least stagnant indeed and suffice to say, the most favorable singer out of all the vocalists Marduk has ever had.
Serpent Sermon has a clear production on par with Wormwood, yet the quality may remain a peculiar thing to some people; It's the digital age, yet it's not over-polished. To the highest degree it is quite consistent with some agonizingly slow parts - as is the definite case in the song, "M.A.M.M.O.N.". It is an album that a black metal fan has heard before. Not a necessity but it's enough to satisfy one's cravings for some hint of true black metal (although, I can't help but hear a compounding similarity of the bands, Deathspell Omega and Carpathian Forest lurking around the whole album). By all odds, I have to say the craftiest songs would have to be: Serpent Sermon, Messianic Pestilence, Hail Mary and Gospel of the Worm.
01. Serpent Sermon
02. Messianic Pestilence
03. Souls for Belial
04. Into second Death
05. Temple of Decay
06. Damnation's Gold
07. Hail Mary (Piss-soaked Genuflexion)
08. M.A.M.M.O.N.
09. Gospel of the Worm
10. World of Blades

Bonus Track on Ltd. Edition: Coram Satanae
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 52/100
Reviewed by: Haydee Garde
Date: 12 August, 2012
Website: www.marduk.nu