Power of Metal.dk Review

New Breed of Godz
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 25 May, 2012
Playing time: 55:20

In a time when hair metal bands ruled the metal scene, only a few true metal bands stood out and raised the flag; one of the best were for certain Malice. A band that sadly never received the recognition I feel they deserved. Their two albums "In the Beginning..." (1985) and "License to Kill" (1986) represent some the absolute best metal from those years. So how do you re-create the magic more than 25 years later?

Well, you don't... the classics remain classics, and the remakes are just that without quite reaching the originals. But who would have expected them to outdo their own classics...? And the new songs show that Malice is back and alive, but do fall a bit short compared to the old genre highlights.

The real magic is hidden in the DVD, with a nice "Making of" section, a brilliant live show from 1987 with a rare stellar performance from original vocalist James Neal really shows a band on its way to stardom, one that never crystallized. The last section of the DVD shows the new Malice with James Rivera (Helstar etc.) performing at Keep It True XIV.

Don't expect a new Malice album because it's not, it's a new beginning for them and while I don't expect them to ever top their own two masterpieces, I do hope this is just the first step for a revitalised Malice.

Welcome back!

01. New Breed of Godz
02. Hell Rider
03. Against the Empire
04. Branded
05. Circle of Fire
06. Sinister Double
07. Stellar Master
08. Winds of Death (Angel of Light)
09. Air Attack
10. Chain Gang Woman
11. Slipping Through the Cracks
12. Gods of Thunder
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Distribution: Playground Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 3 June, 2012
Website: www.malicemusic.com