Power of Metal.dk Review

Lord Mantis
Style: Blackened Sludge Metal
Release date: 12 March, 2012
Playing time: 48:01

Devoted to black/death extremism bass player and vocalist Charlie Fell has a taste for experiments. Coming from the stoner/sludge scene (INDIAN) drummer Bill Bumgardner carries the newest tendencies of the metal stylistics. The black metalhead and guitar player Aamonael is a misanthrope and occultist. If we add the guitar player Deuce we will have the line up of the band from Chicago LORD MANTIS.

The individual seeking of each of these musicians contributed to the songs in “Pervertor”. The definition “Blackened Sludge Metal” besides that sounds interesting is a rather accurate description of the music. The moderated tempo of the long compositions, the specific guitars and psychedelic passages are borrowed from the sludge metal. The angry speed bursts, the typical black vocal with plenty effects, and the dark mood, leads us into the system of values of the Suicidal Black Metal. These two tendencies at times are in harmony but at some places sound as separate parts.

With this innovatory combination the band succeeded to impress Candlelight Records known for their releases of experimental Black Metal. Although the fact that the black elements in the music of LORD MANTIS “transferred” their album in Europe (I mean their label), in my opinion we can hear this misunderstanding of the essence of Black Metal which is characteristic for great number of American extreme bands. Too self-oriented emphasized extremism softened the true contents of this music.

It’s nice that the second album of LORD MANTIS till its end does not become boring although its serious playing time. Without inventing anything new the guys make unique combination of genders. They will definitely please all the fans who love experimental music. LORD MANTIS opened the door of Black Metal toward Sludge Metal.

01. Perverter of the Will
02. Septichrist
03. Vile Divinity
04. Levia
05. Ritual Killer
06. At the Mouth
07. The Whip and the Body
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 11 March, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/lordmantis