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Mount Rock
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 10 November , 2012
Playing time: 40:42

The young Dutch band Lick has already toured as an opening act for such legendary bands as Y&T, UFO, KEEL and The Answer although they are lacking a full album release in their backpack. The debut EP from 2010 has given them energy to do a full-blooded studio album and with two live tracks in the end of the disc. The distinct influences from the 80's hair rock bands are overwhelming and the vocalist has a perfect vocal tune for this rock genre. In thought it was a unreleased AC/DC song when the first chords started to flow out of the speakers and the hoarse voice from Nolle Groesn begin to sing in 'Mount Rock', but in a lighter version than the kings from Australia.

Lick is playing a basic and quite raw hard rock without any advanced or extraordinary instrumental excesses. Mr. Overink on guitar is the guy, who saves many of the tracks from a sub OK score and is the reason why several so-so tracks turned into really enjoyable songs. 'Rock Dog' for instance is a different and quite exciting track with many fresh elements and unusual grips. The uneven level in the some songs is making me quite confused when I shall give 'Mount Rock' a fair rate, as in the next track 'She's Bad', which is far, far away from best tracks list on the album. 'White Lion' gives me hope of something more tasteful and spicier on my music plate. In the end of that song comes the flavors, which makes me smile and lift my finger from the skip button. The last studio song is ' Rock City' and is a unstripped rock 'n' roll tune, which has a nice groove and has an extraordinary guitar solo. Super!

Despite their lack of experience, it doesn't anything stop them from spreading out their wings and experiment with odd rhythmic elements in the otherwise standardized melodic hard rock. The only, but big negative thing I have say about 'Mount Rock' is the low quality in the production and that pulls down the points.

The 2 last songs fulfill my expectations that they're probably a band that loves to stand on the stage and that they are a rock 'n' roll band that should be touring more frequently. I hope that they work hard to get a respected name so the Festival-agents must sign them.

Lick has the talent and they have a very skilled frontman in Nolle, who can hopefully lead them right in the rock jungle.

Best tracks: 'Rock Dog', 'Gear Up', 'Turn off the Light' and 'White Lion'.

Lineup: Nolle Groen - lead vocals, guitar, Richell Overink - guitar, backing vocals, Stijn Hovens - bass, backing vocals, Beinte Groen on the drums.

01. Mount Rock
Gear Up
You're the Enemy
Rock Dog
She's Bad
White Lion
Rock City
Bad as Luck (live)
Turn Off the Light (live)
Label: Independent
Distribution: www.licktheband.com
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 3 December, 2012
Website: www.licktheband.com