The Outside
Style: Black/Doom Metal
Release date: 12 November, 2012
Playing time: 40:00

'Oh, no', I thought when I first threw 'The Outside' into the disc player, 'not another rip and tear black metal band!'

Much to my relief, there was more to it as I reach a couple of minutes into There was no place to hide, the first track of the second release by Hungarian Kolp. A slow and grinding, doom-laden and sludgy mid-tempo stride takes over and for a while turns this into something I can bear to listen to, even if the gruesome, paperthin guitar sound is no bonus to my ears. It's alright. I can handle it.

Kolp is on no mission to please this reviewer, though, and with The Void and the silence and three tracks onwards, it goes all wrong and turns into a black metallorama the way I don't like it. Noise for noise's sake.

When Kolp finally returns to the surface with Interface has dissolved, this track appears as a welcome breather after the black metal onslaught, however the song fails to be really capturing. The title track, which finishes off the album, is more interesting and captivating, but is sadly the conclusion of an album which varies greatly in terms of quality and direction.


01. There was no Place to Hide
The Initial State
The Void and the Silence
The Place
Interface has Dissolved
The Outside

Label: Temple Of Torturous
Distribution: Temple Of Torturous
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 29 November, 2012
Website: Kolp @MySpace