Kill the Klown
The Show Could Be Your Execution
Style: Hardcore/Thrash
Release date: 6 January, 2012
Playing time: 47:50

After the Italian band Kerosene this is the second Italian based band on my desk this year. They started out in 2008 and after several member changes they recorded and released their debut album. The info talks about thrash metal with a hardcore attitude, but I think it is better to turn it around.

The music is hardcore based with breakdown riffs, harsh shouting vocals and rhythms in mid-tempo. Every now and then the thrash elements come in and then the music starts more interesting. The hardcore elements are rather average and rather repeating. The groove parts remind a bit of Pantera and Down. Especially in the breakdown parts the music sounds too average and after a while it gets rather boring and that can't be what the band wants I presume. During the thrash parts the music is more interesting and the melodic guitar riffs and solos that appear every now and then see to it that they just get a sufficient rating.

The ideas are all there, but the band just doesn't make it interesting enough (yet) to put a real smile on my face.


01. Go(ats) To the Show
02. Kill The Clown
03. Not By the Hand of God
04. Boozed
05. Hateful
06. Media Terrorizer
07. I Am Eternal
08. Track of Doom
09. Lost Hero
10. Bleeding Stone
11. Unbreakable

Label: Crash & Burn Records
Distribution: Twilight Distribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 11 January, 2012