Face the Real
Style: Modern Groove Metal/Rock
Release date: 31 October, 2011
Playing time: 44:21

This Italian based band releases their second album. After the debut called 'Kerosene' the second album is a fact. Groovy metal/rock with more serene parts is what they serve. Alessio has a good singing voice and even his pronunciation is rather good for an Italian singer. The guitar riffs are rather metallic and staccato in songs like "My Obsession" and "In Chains". Sometimes even Zakk Wylde influences can be heard in some riffs.

The ballad "My Friend" is not one of the best I heard lately, too common and predictable in my opinion. However, in general the songs are rather good and the groovy riffs see to it that it sounds rather heavy at times. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of an old band called Skintrade. Not that they have found the same high quality level of that band yet, but they are on their way. A groovy modern metal album with melodic refrains, clean vocals and enough variation.

The songwriting is o.k. and the members handle their instruments well. If you like groovy metallic rock with lots of melody you should check them out.


01. Face the Real
02. Get Out of My Way
03. Euthanasia
04. A New Day
05. My Obsession
06. In Chains
07. My Friend
08. Betray Yourself
09. Something to Believe in
10. Without Rules
11. Your Time Has Come

Label: Lost Sound Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 6 January, 2012