Job For A Cowboy
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 10 April, 2012
Playing time: 40:00

Job For A Cowboy played at Wacken some years ago. I was passing the stage they were playing on the way to some other concert. This mate of mine said something to the extent of: 'This is pop death metal. Not good. Let's go!'.  I wasn't actually to sure, but we were on the way to something that certainly demanded my attention, so I let it rest even if I'm usually not too keen on letting others judge for me. Anyway, I never really looked into what JFAC really is, perhaps influenced by my mate's remark.

Now, here I am with the new album from Job For A Cowboy, and I'm slowly regretting that I didn't listen to my own ears and curiousity rather than somebody else's opinion.

Yes, 'Demonocracy' is a comparatively modern take on what death metal can be, but that doesn't make it bad - in no way. The old-school element is there, however, it is layered with many other inspirational sources, and purists will probably not like when it smells of metalcore. It does that too. What I do hear first and foremost, though, is an inspiration that I can track back to latter-day Death and other technical death metal. And good old rock guitar! Just listen to the soloing in Tongueless and Bound! And how about Tarnished Gluttony? A slow monster with a not-so-typical death metal atmosphere, which I can best label as a death metal ballad! Cool.

What I hear is an ambitious band that wants to get somewhere musically and for the most part succeed. I hear a band who've been going on for almost ten years and still have a lot of fire and at the same time have the experience and tightness to control the technically complex painting that is 'Demonocracy'.

Fast, furious, tight and brutally heavy - killer album! Go get!


01. Children of Deceit (4:36)
02. Nourishment Through Bloodshed (3:42)
03. Imperium Wolves (4:48)
04. Tongueless and Bound (4:03)
05. Black Discharge (3:55)
06. The Manipulation Stream (4:40)
07. The Deity Misconception (4:05)
08. Fearmonger (4:18)
09. Tarnished Gluttony (6:15

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 7 April, 2012
Website: JFAC @ MySpace