Power of Metal.dk Review

Into Century
Nobody's Slave
Style: Rock
Release date: 12 November , 2012
Playing time: 38:35

The list of groovy rock bands hailing from Denmark that are influenced by the American south rock 'n' roll is quite long. This nice band is one of these dusty, leather rock-groups. Into Century is fronted by the raspy voice of Jon Century and his band mates: Christian Warburg - Guitar, Morten Schroder - Bass and Jeppe Bruno on the percussions.

This is their second album and it has an important theme and message worth mentioning: Their fight against human trafficking and the modern slave trading is a very important matter and this is a concept album made by males with character to raise this sensitive subject into the light, which I strongly support. Besides the strong lyrics, the rock music is very melodic, but also with some heavy doses of metal within. A melodic version of the more aggressive Danish metal band Malrun was my first gut feeling.

The bombastic intro track 'Nobody's Slave' is the powerful title song with a half screaming vocals and very strong choruses. The tempo is slow and in a doom style. 'Junkie' is a lighter song with a lot of American BBQ aroma that triggers my taste buds, but has the same heavy guitars thundering in the background. In the next track 'Open Up Your Gates', the guitars are not as heavy as before and the sound picture is little more easy to digest. The groovy song 'Sweet Surrender' is a slower and little more moderate song with more emphasis on the lyrics.

'Into Century' changes their sound into a very melodic rock style in the gentle song 'Dare'. Jon shows that he also can handle the unobtrusive parts in the songs, not only the high yell part, which he is doing just perfectly. I skip to the song 'Time to Shine', which is one of the best songs on the entire album; nice heavy rhythm and catchy choruses with razor sharp guitars, which is something I can appreciate.

The bouncy and danceable track 'Hold On' is a little different bird in the poultry cage. Not amiss at all, but nowhere near the industrial rock song 'Indistogether', this has become my little favorite track on the disc. 'Call on Me' is a very nice song, which also is on my best tracks list on the album, but the closing track on 'Nobody's Slave' is a epic song that doesn't wash in my music taste.

I think Into Century overall is a nice band to spend the time with and their message in the lyrics is so important, so let's never give up the fight against human trafficking!

01. Nobody's Slave
Open Up Your Gates
Sweet Surrender
Man Of God
Time To Shine
Hold On
Call On Me
12. Can Anybody Hear Me
Label: Target Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 6 November, 2012
Website: www.intocentury.com