Power of Metal.dk Review

I Am I
Event Horizon
Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: 17 September, 2012
Playing time: 47:08

There’s no doubt that many Dragonforce fans were wondering what the band’s ex-singer – ZP Theart - was up to, musically speaking. Well here’s the answer to their concern, and it’s called I Am I. The moniker is one of the most ridiculous I’ve heard in a while but let’s put that aside because it’s the music that counts, right? Bonfire, Sonata Arctica, Bon Jovi……these are some of the comparisons that spring to mind when listing to “Event Horizon”.


ZP Theart isn’t the most technically endowed singer in this music genre, but he’s got a very good ear for melody and within his own vocal range Mr Theart pulls it off admirably well. But let’s take a wider look at the album…..one of the first things that becomes clear on listening to “Event Horizon” is an under-reliance on guitars, especially in comparison to ZP Theart’s ex-band. In fact, as the aforementioned comparisons might have suggested, with I Am I the focus is primarily on the song writing aspect.


Indeed “Event Horizon” contains some excellent songs even though as an album it only just nudges above the standard and predictable fare. ‘Cross The Line’ is a catchy number with a solid rhythm section. ‘Pave The Way’ has an anthemic set of hooks and some incendiary guitar solos that make the song one of the album’s best moments. ‘King In Ruins’, on the other hand, is a power ballad that sounds too cheesy for my liking.


So, bottom line: this is a great debut that is certainly worth checking out but we’ll have to wait for the I Am I’s sophomore album for the band to up the ante and crush all competition.

01. This is My Life
02. Silent Genocide
03. Stay a While
04. Cross the Line
05. In the Air Tonight
06. King in Ruins
07. Kiss of Judas
08. Dust 2 Dust
09. Wasted Wonders
10. Pave the Way
Label: I Am I Records
Distribution: Plastic Head
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 30 August, 2012
Website: www.iamiofficial.com