Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre
Style: Sludgecore/black/thrash
Release date: 2 February, 2012
Playing time: 16:00

Some of our readers would probably appreciate what British Holodomor do just because of their uncompromising extremity alone. Cathartic, angst-filled, the screams from a tormented soul, wrapped in a sludgy black/thrash pupa.

For me, it's noise for noise's sake. No, that's rigth, I'm not a fan. I think the production is terrible and the overall concept plain terrible. The one light in the dark is the fine intro to Evoke.

Try it if you're gagging for a headache.

01. Fall Into Time
02. The Spell Of Black Affliction
03. Tribulation Stigmata
04. Evoke
05. The Iconoclast


Label: Nope
Distribution: Nope
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 9 September, 2012
Website: www.holodomor.co.uk