Power of Metal.dk Review

Heaven Rain
Second Sun
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: 1 June, 2012
Playing time: 42:08

The whole idea behind this Bosnian band was to create progressive metal combined with influences from the Finnish power metal scene. And it all should appeal to fans of bands like Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and Ayreon. Sounds a big task if you ask me, but if they can pull it off, then we are in for a real treat here...

But let me be honest; they do still have some way to go if they want to live up to their own goals. "Second Sun" is their second full-length album, first one "Far and Forever" was released in 2008, and they have also released 4 singles and 2 EPs during their six years of existence.

Their take on progressive metal has influences from hard rock, power metal as well as symphonic metal, and the first band I thought of when I listened to this album was Within Temptation. Everything is well played, the production is fine and vocalist Miona Graorac has a strong voice, but they do lack a lot in originality. The nine songs, along with an intro and a cover version of a 80s Yugoslavian classic original done by Zana show a band with a clear vision of the direction of the sound. But they need to step out of the box to take their music any further than this.

Their powerful music is bound to attract some deserved attention, but if they continue this path there a good chance they'll end being just another dime a dozen metal band, whose biggest selling point is that they are from Bosnia. This would be a real shame because the talent is clearly there...

01. Close to Dawn (Intro)
02. Heaven Rain
03. Dreamless
04. My Only One
05. Second Sun
06. Face of Misery
07. Nowhere
08. Raven in Heart
09. When Day Fades to Dark
10. At the End of Time
11. Veijte Snegori (Bonus track)
Label: Music Buy Mail
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 21 October, 2012
Website: @ MySpace