Frisian Metal Massacre
Vol. I & II
Style: Frisian Metal
Release date: Out now
Playing time: -

The most beautiful province of the Netherlands is Friesland of course and I'm very glad that there are people who want to promote the Frisian metal bands. There is enough going on in our region concerning metal. The Summer festivals Dokkem Open Air and Into the Grave are just two examples and clubs like Romein (Leeuwarden) and Bolwerk (Sneek) are programming metal on a regular base.

The mail man surprised me with two vinyl records with 8 Frisian bands. Some of them already recorded albums and are gaining popularity outside the Netherlands too. The first version Volume I is already a bit older, but has now been pressed on black vinyl too. The four bands on that album are Insidiae, Disintegrate, Dimaeon and Leaper's Path. The first band Isidiae released their debut album 'Where Demons Dare' this Summer and received rather good critics. Clean vocals, grunts, keyboards combined with progressive (death) modern sounding metal.

Disintegrate doesn't need any introduction if you are a regular reader here. You can find the review of their album 'Parasites of a Shifting Future' on this site. Dimaeon has already released two EP's, of which the reviews can be found on the power of metal site too. Their keyboard layered doom songs have something unique. The fourth band on volume I is Leaper's Path, a progressive metal band. They are the only band without an album release. Looking back, you can conclude that Volume I was a success. Disintegrate signed a deal with Massacre Records this year and perhaps this compilation made the difference?

On Volume 2 the bands Methusalem, Sadotank, Lyonite and Braincasket are introduced. Braincasket is a brutal death metal band that released one EP called 'Methods of Persuasion' so far. They sound a bit like Bloodbath, but the production of the songs is not that good and sounds a bit chaotic. Sadotank is next and it's a thrash band. The band is inspired by early Death Angel, Slayer and Voi Vod and especially on stage they are great.

Methusalem has already released a CD called 'Unite and Conquer', if you use the search function on this site, you can find a review of that album. Last but not least there is Lyonite. I saw the band playing in Sneek and I liked that gig very much. Their EP 'Lyonite' has been reviewed on this site in December 2010, so if you are curious about the band's music, you know what to do. Final conclusion is that both the Metal Massacre albums show that there is enough potential in the north of Holland and there is more to come, because they are already working on Metal Massacre Volume III.

If I have to recommend one band that should be on it, it would be progressive metal band Common Descent. I saw them live in the Bolwerk in Sneek and their songs and music sounds very professional.


Frisian Metal Massacre Vol. 1

01. Disintegrate - Parasites of
a Shifting Future
02. Disintegrate - The Architect
Leaper's Path - Black Medicine
Leaper's Path - Sick Inside
Dimaeon - Terra
06. Insidiae - Skinnerbox
07. Insidiae - Major Arcana

Frision Metal Massacre Vol. 2

01. Braincasket - Go With No Face
02. Braincasket - Methods of Persuasion
03. Sadotank - Chainsaw Penetration
04. Sadotank - The Bone Destructor
05. Sadotank - Beerwitchery (Beer is the Devils Blood)
06. Methusalem - Forever
07. Methusalem - Running in Circles
08. Lyonite - Fates Deceit (intro)
09. Lyonite - The Last Day

Label: Big Bad Wolf Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 19 October, 2012