Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Female Fronted Heavy Metal
Release date: 4 May, 2012
Playing time: 42:10

Pure female metal bands is nothing I stumbles over so often. Oldies as Girlschool, The Runaways and newer Crucified Barbara are the all female band I knew about but... so I did a 'google search' and found www.metaladies.com. One of the bands on the site is Fourever from Olofström in Sweden that releases their debut album on Fastball Music in May.

Fourever began their musical voyage back in the Fall of 2000 and after some changes through time the band is nowadays 3 tough chicks that have polished and waxed their songs and guitar riffs with a style and elegance, which has both raw and melodic loops with nice melodies and heavy tempo changes. Well crafted heavy metal tracks with attitude and far more heavier than I expected, when I saw a picture of the band a before my first spin (appearances can deceive).

Mia Moilanen on guitar and vocals is a star to come, with her twin sister Nina Moilanen on the drums and Majja Persson on the bass I believe with right contacts and bigger support from labels, this would be a band that we will hear more about in the future. "Shout! Shout My Name" is a rocking and catchy track with a cool refreshing vocals. The progressive track "I'm Sorry" turns into a strong heavy metal tune with big opportunities to be a 'Live' favourite. "Come with Me" is a calm tune with sensitive touch and great guitar playing. The sound is yet little hollow and thin sometimes and if you are only 3 musicians it demands that the production is strong.

I hope to hear more of these girls. Good luck.

01. Shout! Shout My Name
02. I'm Sorry
03. Me, Myself and I
04. Solitary (Never Meant to Be)
05. Come With Me
06. Stand Alone
07. Left Behind
08. Dementia Preacox
09. Day After Day
10. No More
Label: Fastball Music
Distribution: Soulfood
Artwork rating: 77/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 25 April, 2012
Website: www.fourevernet.com