Power of Metal.dk Review

Few Against many
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 21 May, 2012
Playing time: 45:06

This is one of my favourite metal band in all categories! I start to listen to them in 2005 when they released their third album and the amazing disc 'Forged By Fire' and when the awesome album 'Allegiance' hit the market in 2006 I was sold. The magical guitarist Gus G's project has raised from the Greek olive grounds and reached to the biggest rock scenes around the world. "The Premonition" and the “Live Premonition” DVD/Live-CD release from 2008 cast their position as one of the best new Power Metal Bands in the world. In 2009 when the 'Prince Of Darkness' needed a new guitar player and a replacement for Zack Wylde in Ozzy's band, I was not surprised or shocked that Oz called the string-shredder from Thessaloniki. I was more worried that Firewind should be on hold or be divided, but the band's strength is like glued wooden beams and I'm happy that they managed the effort, which Gus dual membership can bring to a band.

Well, has the sound changed or have they come to a halt in their development in this new release called ' Few Against Many'? With the with the opening song 'Wall of Sound', it is clear as a bell that this is Firewind and with a vengeance! Full throttle and extremely majestic guitar loops from Gus G and with the strong and powerful vocalist Apollo Papathanasio at the microphone, this will provide top rankings directly. In 'Losing My Mind' the tempo slows down a bit and it's hard to dislike the track with crazy guitar solos and great thickness in the sound.

The title track is a typical FW track in high speed and technical instrumental performances at top speed, elegant tempo change in full control and with a sensible touch to it. Top class again! The ultra heavy song 'The Undying Fire' is another track that prove that this is the heaviest album FW has ever done. Epic choruses and lightning guitars and superb backup from the rhythm section. Together with the amazing Finnish musicians in 'Apocalyptica' they have created a masterpiece in the beautiful 'Edge of a Dream'.

Overall there isn't so many new influences or so about it. But the high standard is obvious and if you already are a fan of their earlier albums, this is a definite must buy album. So the answer to my own question is that it sounds like Firewind with some new hot spices that make me want to have more from these Greek sons.

Line-Up: Apollo Papathanasio - Vocal, Gus G - Guitars, Petros Christo - Bass, Bob Katsionis - Keyboard and Jo Nunez - Drums.

01. Wall Of Sound
02. Losing My Mind

03. Few Against many

04. The Undying Fire

05. Another Dimention

06. Glorious
07. Edge Of A Dream (feat. Apocalyptica)
08. Destiny

09. Long Gone Tomorrow

10. No Heroes, No Sinners
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 91/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 7 May, 2012
Website: www.firewind.gr