Fates Warning
Inside Out (Re-issue)
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 4 June, 2012
Playing time: 48:36 (CD 1), 68:39 (CD 2), DVD (Inside Out Live + Extras)

Since the early years of 1982 the gods have blessed the prog scene with many highly acclaimed releases from a US prog metal band by the name of ‘FATES WARNING’. As one of the pioneers of the progressive metal movement, they are one of the most influencing metal bands on the prog scene nowadays. Not only new prog bands, but also the pioneers of progressive music almighty ‘Dream Theater’, ‘Queensr˙che’ and other heavy forces have recognized FW to be one of their main sources of inspiration.

The label company ‘Metal Blade Records’ of Fates Warning has yet again decided to release another remastered version, one of FW classics from 1994 titled ’Inside Out’. It travels the same road as its previous release ‘Parallels’ from 1991, which was unleashed upon the metalheads in 2010, with an upgraded sound of the original album.

Like many other bands ‘Fates Warning’ had some rotations in the member staff. And there is no exception with this release. It was the last musical journey with long-time crew members Frank Aresti (who re-joined in 2003) on guitars, and Joe DiBiase throwing off some of his last godlike bass moves. With this remastered edition, the bass patterns by DiBiase are even more upfront and impressive than before. Still on board the flagship of progressive metal, is the legendary guitar virtuoso by the name of Jim Matheos and Ray Alder on vocals. The drum machine Mark Zonder was later replaced by Bobby Jarzombek. The complex song structures and the melodic tunes with odd rhythms blended into the waves of melodies were and still are the signature sound of FW. And when delivered with such passion by guitar shredder Matheos, the soaring and soulfully vocal by Alder and the complex dynamic drumming abilities of Zonder, this release was doomed to be an instant classic.

Fates Warning made a successful homerun with this album in 1994, and a perfect rating of 100/100 is well deserved in my humble opinion or maybe I just got a soft spot in my metalheart for these guys. It is progressive metal of absolutely world-class and one of the masterpieces by FW. But again, this is “just” a rerelease of an old classic, and a score of ‘no rating’ is better suited this time, reflecting it's a re-issue.

Those of you newcomers enjoying the music of progressive metal, this is one of the “hidden” treasures, which must be unrevealed to your ears. So if this precious gem is not already added to your collection, then it’s high time for a treasure hunt. The reward of an updated old classic with added bonus material (bonus CD with demo/live versions of some of the original tracks, and DVD including the live versions + extras) is not to be missed out on, even if you are an old fan of ‘Fates Warning’ already holding your hands on the old classic.


CD 1
01. Outside Looking In (4:50)
02. Pale Fire (4:18)
03. The Strand (5:29)
04. Shelter Me (4:45)
05. Island in the Stream (6:30)
06. Down to the Wire (4:30)
07. Face the Fear (5:37)
08. Inward Bound (2:35)
09. Monument (6:34)
10. Afterglow (3:24)

CD 2
01. Outside Looking In (Live) (5:28)
02. Down to the Wire (Live) (4:58)
03. The Eleventh Hour (Live) (8:12)
04. Point Of View (Live) (4:54)
05. Face the Fear (Live) (5:18)
06. Outside Looking In (Demo) (3:56)
07. Pale Fire (Demo) (4:17)
08. Shelter Me (Demo) (5:46)
09. Island in the Stream (Demo) (5:31)
10. Face the Fear (Demo) (7:49)
11. Monument (Mix) (6:12)
12. Circles (Unreleased) (6:11)
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Tommy Skøtt
Date: 6 June, 2012
Website: www.fateswarning.com