Chthonic Visions
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: 11 May, 2012
Playing time: 24:00

Farseer is a five piece melodic/power metal band from Glasgow, Scotland. This EP is a decent one, without any surprises. Just average power metal, without any new elements. The vocals of Dave Bisset are average and certainly have to improve if they want to expand their popularity. Sometimes he is reminding a little bit of Bruce Dickinson, but not yet of the same quality.

There are some nice melodies, catchy riffs and the variation in mid-tempo and more up-tempo songs is there. However not at any point do I get really excited. The Euro power metal sounds a little too tame and regular. Influences of Iron Maiden, Power Quest and Blind Guardian can be heard. In my opinion the production could have been heavier, with the guitars more upfront and crunchier. Nevertheless, there are some o.k. songs on the EP and although they have to make a few steps before a record company will offer them a deal,  I have heard worse.


01. Omen of the Reaper
02. Nigthmares Collide
03. Second Strike
04. Game of the Gods
05. Chthonic Visions

Label: Independent
Distribution: --
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 28 August, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/farseermetal