Style: Thrash (Bay Area)
Release date: 7 December, 2012
Playing time: 57:49

This band hails from Wolsburg, Germany and after the first riffs and especially the first singing lines of Rouven Rapp, their influences are clear. Like their fellow German's Perzonal War, Metallica is one of their biggest examples. Rouven uses a same kind of style and has a Hetfield similar sound. Besides that, a band like Pantera can be mentioned too. The groove in the songs and some screams and guitar riffs see to that.

The music is far from original, but because of the recognizable style it is easy to listen to the entire album. I can only advice singer Rouven to learn a style of his own. On "Vasion" and a lot of other tracks he tries too much to be a James Hetfield clone. Listening to some of the other songs, he can do without that. No death metal  or metalcore influences on this album, just plain groovy thrash. With "Arctic Shroud" the band has tried to write their own "Fade to Black" or "One" , but that is still a level too high for them. The album takes you back to the eighties, the time where (Bay Area) thrash and mosh music was popular. If you like the early eighties style, I think you will get a smile on your face, just by listening to the nice riffs in the track "The Roof of Nonsense".

One thing is for sure, if I have to choose between today's Metallica and Etecc, my decision is clear. Better well stolen, than bad performed.


01. On Standard's Leash
02. I Am the Light
03. Vasion
04. The Roof Of Nonsense
05. Creed On Demand
06. A Valuable Insight
07. Dementia
08. Abso - Motherfuckin' - Lutely
09. Arctic Shroud
10. Shifting Sands

Label: ISAOL/H'Art/Zebralution
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 December, 2012