Style: Progressive Extreme Metal
Release date: 28 September, 2012
Playing time: 65:53

Each and every Enslaved album I've heard has grown for each listening. Depth and novelty are two factors that usually guarantee my commitment to a band. Enslaved's 12th full-length album Riittir is no exception.

Riittir offers the fury of the band, as well as their high quality eclectic progressive metal. Nine rites of pounding, dynamic, groovy, true, confident unleashed metal, you name it. Excellent.

Run and buy one or several of the versions of Enslaved's Riittir!


01. Thoughts like Hammers
02. Death in the Eyes of Dawn
03. Veilburner
04. Roots of the Mountain
05. Riittir
06. Materal
07. Storm of Memories
08. Forsaken

Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 29 September, 2012
Website: www.enslaved.no