Power of Metal.dk Review

Fear in a Handful of Dust
Style: Death Sludge
Release date: 21 June, 2011
Playing time: 34:00

Pretty extreme round of dirt from Portland, Oregon natives Elitist. Pure sludge is usually not really my cup of joe, and you'll therefore not see me jumping up and down for joy per se. But you will notice that this debut has triggered a decent rating anyhow. The reason for this?

This is not just sludge (i.e. noise). This is also death metal and a tinge of black metal, and therein lies the difference. To me, this is an important difference, and one that makes it 'Fear in a Handful of Dust' worth listening to.

Although keeping the to-the-bones song style and screaming anguish of sludge, there are elements of real songs throughout this album, and just enough of that to keep someone like myself warm and in a less suicidal state than I find normally find myself in when listening to pure sludgecore.

Still, it's a grim affair - no prisoners, no mercy and certainly music to throw yourself from a cliff to.

Dive in.

01. Burning the Unspoken Gospel
02. Cult Malevolence
03. Ivory Shavings of the Tools Unknown
04. Black Wool
05. Watch as They Worship, Yet Be Silent
06. Slowly Fucked and Force Fed
07. A Howling Wind
08. Human All Too Human
09. Bound and Bent
10. Toothless and Yawning
11. Tower of Meth
Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 2 January, 2012
Website: Elitist @MySpace