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Eden Lost
Breaking the Silence
Style: Melodic Hard Rock
Release date: 29 February, 2012
Playing time: 54:42

The Spanish hard rock scene is quite unfamiliar to me (except the heavy metal veterans in Baron Rojo!). So this became a fresh and new acquaintanceship to me. The melodic rockers in Eden Lost has a history dating back to 1999, and they released their debut album in 2005 (Road of Desire). Seven years have passed and now their second disc is here. The mature and adult hard rock, which Eden Lost delivers on "Breaking the Silence" is very easy to like and the vocalist Ignacio Prieto has a smooth and pleasant tune in his throat. Jesús Laso on guitar is very talented and has not a frontal position in the sound and it gives a well balanced wall of sound, which is nice to digest for us melodic rock fans.

The intro song is a powerful tune, which kicks this album off perfectly. In the great title track 'Breaking the Silence' the tone is a little rougher; the guitars sharper and this is the best track on the entire album. Big thumbs up for the smashing guitar solo btw. 'Feel Free' is a 80s rock sounding track with similarities to Warrant and such bands. Their penchant to ballads is obvious and they perform them excellent, as in the silky and soft songs 'Hard to Believe', 'Locked In Your Heart' and the closing song 'Times Are Changing'.

'Ready to Rock' is a song with no spectacular spices in the dish. But in the next track I'm hooked: the intro to 'March The 11th' is kicking my butt and I wonder if it's same band? Nice big melodies and strong choruses. I like this song very much. Sorry to say, but 'Only Lies' doesn't hold it together, so I has to push the skip button on this one. A far stronger song is 'No More Sorrows' with big catchy guitars and aggressive string riffing - great guitar performance.

The pleasant track 'Sun Keep Shining' is an OK track, no more. Overall is this something to check if you like melodic hard rock with high standard on guitars and vocals. I have heard better and I have heard worse rock albums this year. 'Breaking the Silence' glides in just over above a medium score.

Eden Lost line-up: Ignacio Prieto - vocals, Jesús Laso - guitar, Jorge de la Cuerda - drums, Luis F. Blanca - keyboards and Santi Hernández - bass.

01. Starting Again
Gotta Be Together
Breaking The Silence
Feel Free
Hard To Believe
Ready To Rock
March The 11th
Locked In Your Heart
Only Lies
No More Sorrows
Sun Keep Shining
12. Times Are Changing
Label: Vaso Music
Distribution: www.edenlostband.com
Artwork rating: 79/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 2 December, 2012
Website: www.edenlostband.com