Apophenia: Type I Error
Style: Ambient/Djent/Math Metal
Release date: 27 August, 2012
Playing time: 36:36

Since 2003 in a secret basement buried deep down in the sand of Spain, three lads had tried to develop their own unique trademark sound to prepare a conquest for recognition on the flourishing “djent” metal scene. Without a face of a leader, their conquest would be doomed to fail, but in early 2008 the metal gods smiled down on them, and Albano Fortes from ‘Body On Sections’ & ‘ex-Hybrid’ joined them to complete, what is known today as the current line-up.

With Rafael Gonzalez throwing of frenzy shreds side by side Miguel Gago swinging his bass guitar rapidly, Daniel Iglesias smashing the drums with unpredictable pounding moves, and the latest addition to the act Albano Fortes contributing with his extreme singing style, this quintet will try to conquer the world with the best armoury found hidden secretly in the depths of Spain. To support them on their conquest to world domination, the legendary Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Mercenary, Raunchy and too many to mention here) has delivered a top-notch mastering trying to help them make a bull’s-eye with this debut.

This debut entitled “Apophenia: Type I Error” is following up on the 2011 demo “Clustering Illusions” highly appraised by the Spanish metal underground scene. It’s a concept album running nearly 37 minutes through eight songs taking you on board a sailing vessel travelling the stormy seas of a sick tortured mind of a human.

From the first note played it will also start torturing your mind. Frontman Albona is singing with screams and growls, and is sounding too forced and uncontrolled with missing range and variation all over the album. So he throws some impressive deep brutal growls in between, but those moments are too rare. Lucky enough for us the rest of the gang has some tricks up their sleeves. They will slap your face from left to right with a massive aggressive sound, and each instrument is clearly defined in the brutal industrial soundscape. The polyrhythms are almost non-existing though, but your ears will still be bleeding by the tempo changes and few ambient passages, wrapped into an aggressive industrial metal sound.

Do you want a taste from the new album? Then listen below to the opening track 'Pareidolia' on YouTube!

It’s taken me time to review this album, and I wasn’t totally sure what to make of it. It lacks its own identity, and I’ll put this down to the fact, that there is little variation across the eight songs. The album opens strongly though. The first three songs are good, but once we reach the mid-section, it starts to feel very familiar. After this the album picks up again, and finishes strongly with the last part of the ‘Falling’ suite, giving us the best vocal performance by Albona, with some good controlled deep growls. But it’s all too late…you will be hearing water splashing at the end and soon be escaping this wrecked sailing vessel, that is sinking into the stormy sea, never to be raised again. Maybe…

This release is a fine example of a perfect mix and mastering is not enough to score a home run. It’s way too uninspired, and if they want to push the boundaries of the ever evolving “djent” scene, then innovation is needed. Sorry lads, this wrecked and sunken ship will soon be forgotten.

01. Pareidolia
02. Asynchronous forms
03. Eyes attending the detail
04. Internal sensorial reality
05. The delivery and the giant
06. Falling Pt. 1 - The jump
07. Falling Pt. 2 - The descent
08. Falling Pt. 3 - The current
Label: Mighty Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Tommy Skøtt
Date: 3 September, 2012