Inhuman Disgrace
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 17 January, 2012
Playing time: 44:12

This is British death metal combo Detrimentum's second album. I am not familiar with their debut album 'Embracing this Deformity', so I have to stick to this one. Besides original members Jon Butlin (guitar and bass) and Paul Wilkinson (guitar and vocals) they have added Anaal Nathrakh drummer Steve Powell to the line-up for this album.

Steve is a technical skilled drummer that puts in a lot of variation in his drumming style. He personally sees to it that the songs are technical and variable enough not to get bored. Paul's vocals are grunting, harsh ones and are good enough for this style of music. The music is a mix of technical death with black-metal references. They put in enough melody, rhythm changes and melancholy guitar tones in each song. At times the tempo leans towards black-metal speed and the bass drumming is faster than lightning. You could even add the term progressive to their music, but then we get at a point that we have to define the term progressive. I am not using it in a Dream Theater way this time. The production of Russ Russel is good and the band can be proud of this release.

Death Metal fans that like it technical, melodic and brutal at the same time, should take a listen for sure.


01. The Crimson Legacy
02. Pestilence Shared With the Worms
03. Ascension
04. Effigies of the Silent Kings
05. In the Shadow of the Cross We Burn
06. The Journeyman's Lament
07. Dominus Detrimentum
08. Mine is the Glory (Wretched Release)

Label: Deepsend Records
Distribution: Deepsend Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 10 January, 2012