Despite Exile
Re-Evolve (EP)
Style: Progressive Deathcore
Release date: 15 May, 2012
Playing time: 11:46

A band claiming that progressive deathcore is their unique signature sound makes me wonder, if they actually have the talents to combine and translate progressive metal and deathcore into something meaningful soundwise. Many bands who label themselves as such are just plain deathcore band, nothing else.

The quintet behind the act ‘Despite Exile’, hailing from Italy, will try to persuade our minds of metal, so no doubts are left. They have already released a self-released debut album ‘Scarlet Reverie’ in 2011 to the metal scene, which received decent reviews and will try to follow up on it’s success with this new EP release entitled ‘Re-Evolve’.

The line-up has not changed since the debut release, and it’s still Jei Durisotti on vocals screaming with all his power, the guitar shredders Carlo Ferraro & Sanchez Santini, Giovanni Minozzi flexing his fingers on the bass and Sasha Veselinovic showing off his hammering skills. It’s a young team with a very high level of energy as expected. Maybe they keep themselves driving on fuel from to many ‘Red Bulls’ giving them wings to fly with. Who knows…

Three songs made it to the set list on this EP, the lead track “Oscillate”, the second track “Perfection Neutralized” and the closing track “Mechanical”. All tracks are delivered with lots of power, energy and excess and you will never be in doubt that these five guys mean business. It’s like a boxing match. They try to punch with crushing blasting beats, breakdowns and melodic aggressive riffs, but they never manage to hit the opponent with a knockout. Why? They need to dance around with dynamic attacks and moves, so their opponent is unable to read their next move. That’s how I feel about this release at times. It’s too monotonous and predictable.

The musical journey is painted all over with deathcore elements, drowning the fast aggressive shredding guitar tunes in the sea of deathcore metal. They are a talented bunch of “Italian Stallions”, and know how to throw off some amazing riffs, polyrhythms and odd complex rhythms at your face. If just my ears were bombarded with more of these progressive ingredients, and it was added to the top layers of the mix. The production also needs a facelift with a much heavier sound, which can add some punch to the mix. It’s not all bad though. With a front man like Jei on vocals, they make a homerun. He has an amazing singing style with his deep brutal growl and screaming combo.

These youngsters have a bright future, if they continue developing their style and direction in the World of prog/death metal. If you are a fan of bands like ‘The Faceless’ and ‘Veil of Maya’, look no further and check out these guys.

01. Oscillate
02. Perfection Neutralized
03. Mechanical


Label: Team all about the Music
Distribution: Team all about the Music
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Tommy Skøtt
Date: 16 May, 2012