Power of Metal.dk Review

Our Fear is Their Force
Style: Death Metal / Metalcore
Release date: 24 February, 2012
Playing time: 44:07

DAVIDIAN releases are not frequent phenomena. But after their previous album from 2008 the band joined the Massacre Records catalogue. The German quintet is amongst the bands influenced by time and it changes them at every level.


DAVIDIAN started as a thrash metal project. Nowadays it is hard to refer their music to this gender. The aggressive approach has always been the leading slant. This aggression pushed them to death metal. As far as the riff is clear this music has a reference to the old-school death metal. The band has been searching maximum hard vocals in the veins of death/black metal but Tobi Brausch sings in metalcore manner. It seems that somehow this fact allured the composing in this direction. Heavy guitar sound disguises the riffs in a monotonous aggression. The dead level is surmounted with some melodic passages more in the style of the American metalcore than in the death metal traditions. The riff frequently succeeds to display from the wall of sound to prevent the band of loosing its face. A dynamic tempo is supported without reaching self-oriented speed of the songs. The effect left/right guitar is characteristic, one of the guitars plays the main riff and the other is in hardcore manner.  


Massacre Records have in their catalogue thrash titans and it seems that they have decided to enrich it with a modern band like DAVIDIAN. “Our Fear Is Their Force” is full of indifference which is typical for the time when hardcore and death metal in the USA began to equalize. Representative of this period is the band MERAUDER. At the same time the Germans turn back their faces from the Scandinavian brutal thrash scene which also has different influences.


DAVIDIAN declare their new identity with new logo – indifferent gothic letters with modern artwork. With a serious label on their back they should work more to define their face and to become a distinguished band.


01. F.S.O.

02. Behind An Angelic Smile
03. Manmade Hell
04. Desperate Cries
05. Shattered Illusions
06. Fake Society

07. Vicious Circle
08. Constricted Vision
09. Inner Turmoil
10. Breeding Insecurity
11. Freedom Of Choice

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 1 March, 2012